Sunday, July 21, 2019


Work packages

We have split the tasks in 5 work packages (WP). WP1 handles the management of the project and is led by HES. Pro-Senectute is responsible for WP2 that aims at promoting ethics and manage end-users involvement. WP3 includes all technical development for the ICT platform from the exercises content to virtual coach. WP4 targets the completion of the testing and validation with the different groups of end-users and is led by CHUV, who has extensive experience in user trials. MindMaze will lead WP5 focusing on the business and marketing development.  

  • Task 1.1: (HES) Coordination & Project Management (Duration: M1-M30)
  • Task 1.2: (HES, MM) Quality and Risk Management (Duration: M1-M30)
  • Task 1.3: (HES) Reporting and Administration (Duration: M1-M30)
  • Task 1.4: (HES, all) Communication internal & external (Duration: M1-M30)
  • Task 1.5: (MM, HES) Technical management (Duration: M1-M30)
  • Task 1.6: (HES, Pro-senectute, all) Steering committee (Duration: M1-M30)